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We are grateful for every donation, however small. Each donation is used to finance the statutory goals of the Foundation.

Upon request, we issue a written confirmation of the receipt of the donation to an individual or an institution.

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Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in Warsaw Medical University Children Hospital – the first family friendly hospital in Poland, where no parent is forced to sleep on the floor, where our family kitchens and living rooms are on all 26 wards, where in the afternoon we organize events that educate, give joy and let the children have fun!

Ronald McDonald House next to Children's University Hospital in Kraków is the first such place in Poland. It offers the families good conditions during the struggle with a child's sickness.

No one ought to be by themselves in this situations. The House is a place for the parent, for the family, near the hospital, as close as possible to the sick little ones.

We provide space which gives a feeling of safety and strength to combat the illness. The House has 1253 square meters, 20 rooms, a beautiful garden, and all that only 50 meters from the hospital.

NEW GOAL! Help us build the second Ronald McDonald House in Poland. It's time for Warsaw and the RMH is going to be built next to Warsaw Medical University Children's Hospital where RMHC has been active since day one. In this hospital, everyone witness how we take care of the whole family, which helps kids to get better. The House will be the natural fulfillment of family centered care. The House is a goal for all the people who pay attention to the standards of care for the sick children as well as their nearest and dearest.

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Fundacja Ronalda McDonalda is a non-profit organization. Your donation is deductible from your taxable income – 6% in the case of individuals, 10% in the case of legal entities.

Fundacja Ronalda McDonalda

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Numbers of Foundation's bank accounts for donations:

IBAN : PL 46 1050 0086 1000 0022 7364 4068
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